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Student Services and Support Programs

Chaplaincy services
Our main aim for the chaplaincy service at Ingham State School is to contribute to school welfare. Chaplains work proactively to build relationships with students, staff and parents as the basis for enhancing students’ wellbeing.
We aim for our chaplain to be accessible and approachable while provide support in classroom settings, during lunch times, at extra-curricular activities and through delivering specific programs.
Our chaplain approaches welfare holistically, working with families and the wider community, as well as students. They approach their task with flexibility in response to the needs that are identified within the school.
Religious instructions in school hours
Religious instruction classes are available at Ingham State School on Fridays. 
The faith groups who provide approved instructors to deliver religious instruction are:
Arrangements for programs
Participating faith group/s
Program of instruction authorised by the faith group
Combined Faith Group
Anglican, Australian Christian, Christian Outreach Centre, Lutheran, Salvation Army, Sugar Reef Baptist & Uniting, Hinchinbrook Christian.
Christian religious education - Connect 
Roman Catholic
Roman Catholic
Christian religious education - Christ our Light and Life
Students are allocated to these classes in accordance with information provided on their "Application for Student Enrolment", unless parents have provided other written instructions. This information remains operational unless the parent informs the school otherwise in writing.
Students who have not religious affiliation or who identify with religions other than those listed above (i.e. Jehovah’s Witness, Seventh Day Adventist, Islamic, Buddhist) will be provided with other instruction in a separate supervised location.
Other instruction must relate to part of a subject area already covered in class and may include, but is not restricted to:
· Personal research and/or assignments.
· Revision of class work such as creative writing or literacy and/or numeracy  activities which could include online programs currently accessed by the students of that school.
· Wider reading such as independent reading appropriate to the student.
Parents will be advised of any changes to the R.I. and other instruction programs to ensure they are able to make an informed decision on their child’s participation.